The house that was blue

It's been 3 hours since the ride started. We were continuing on our way to home in our car after having breakfast; we had started early morning. It was a much needed one because I didn't eat anything since the previous day's snack and was starving. The feeling of fullness along with the car ride … Continue reading The house that was blue

Tiny simulations

I used to think high of the gym goers; the dedication to go there everyday even though they're going to strain their body and get tiresome, when they can choose to have the warmth of the bed. Especially those who hit it early in the morning. It does give them a good body in the … Continue reading Tiny simulations

The fault in our stars – John Green

I had always wanted to read fictions to take a break from overthinking with philosophy and history, and positively and little sadly, John Green gave me that opportunity.  Hazel Grace Lancaster, the narrator and the protagonist impresses me all through with her maturity and authenticity. Its always lovely when protagonists of the books are book … Continue reading The fault in our stars – John Green

A tribute to the people’s president

Initially it was a shock to know that our beloved people's president was no more. All of a sudden, something became barren; something became dry; something lost color, but don't know what that something is. After the news came out every website (mostly social websites) flooded with his images and mourning, everything negative. But, as … Continue reading A tribute to the people’s president